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Begin Your Fasciablasting Experience Today!
Why Fascia Blast?
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Fascia Blasting has many benefits:

-  Reduce the appearance of cellulite

-  Sculpts and defines muscles

-  Increases flexibility

-  Stimulates hair growth

-  Reduces pain and soreness

There are so many questions about the benefits of fasciablasting.  It's really a whole body experience that brings healing to many different parts of the body.  I have seen healing from fascia tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hair regrowth... and the list just goes on.  You can make a difference in your body appearance and reduce pain.  Come see us and let us help you get the results you have been dreaming about.

The TODAY SHOW special on FasciaBlasting!
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What to Expect
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We choose only the best products to use with our clients

so we chose Sunlighten Solocarbon Far Infrared Sauna which emits low EMFs and allows you to enjoy a relaxing sauna from a lying position.  "The infrared heater warms up your body at the core rather than on the skin’s surface. Solocarbon is the only infrared heater proven to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss." After you are in the sauna we will discuss problem areas and what goals are to be accomplished in the session.  

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