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Massage Therapist   

SC LMBT# 12449
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I grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with two athletic older brothers and two very health conscious parents. I can remember running my first two miles on the beach at the age of seven. I carried my propensity for fitness into my teenage years by running on my high school track team, playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball until a career ending knee injury. I soon learned all about post surgery self care and holistic modalities for recovery. The injury was actually a blessing in disguise, because it brought me into my career of massage therapy. After years of receiving chiropractic work and massage therapy, I soon found my calling.


After studying business at College of Charleston, I decided to make a change and study physiology and anatomy. I trained at Miller-Motte technical college with an extensive 18 month massage therapy program along with 1000 plus hours of in-school spa work. After over a decade of my career in massage, my specialties include: deep tissue medical massage, trigger point therapy, sports and stretching, prenatal, gua sha, hot stones, and cupping.


I recently moved to the Greenville area from Maryland where I had my own practice, treating many clients for chronic pain, injury, and stress. I have become fascinated by the results of using different tools to help manipulate the fascia surrounding the muscles. I've learned the many benefits of using heat, especially far infrared sauna, to loosen muscles, cupping to bring the blood flow to stagnate areas to help heal and rejuvenate the cells, and to lengthen and stretch muscles to allow them to achieve their most healthy state. It was a mere progression of my practice to start working and training with Amy Miles using the body blasting technique that incorporates all of these healing benefits. I am so excited to share this new and innovative technique to Greenville!

Owner/Massage Therapist   

NC LMBT# 17576   
SC LMBT# 12454

I'm an Asheville native passionate for health and body image.  I am also a certified massage therapist specializing in fascia blasting.  Over the last few years I have refined my techniques to sculpt and define muscles while reducing the appearance of cellulite using the fascia-blaster.  


I have seen amazing results both for my self and my friends and family.   Recently I received national recognition  from Ashley Black, the founder of fascology and inventor of the fascia-blaster...  


If you want to sculpt and define muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion and minimize the appearance of cellulite then fascia blasting could be right for you.   Amy :)

"...whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God"


 When I first ordered the fascia blaster, I was very skeptical.  I had watched all the videos, ordered the book “The Cellulite Myth”, but still was not a believer.  I needed to see it to believe it... it just seemed too good to be true.  I remember as a kid that my mom had cellulite and so I accepted that I was destined to have the same legs and glutes.  Did you know that cellulite is not fat?  How many of us have believed that we needed to lose weight to get rid of unwanted dimples.  The truth is that cellulite is unhealthy fascia that is bubbled up and needs to be smoothed back out.  Did you know that your fascia reacts to you?  “If you’re dehydrated, suffer an injury, or perform any kind of high impact activity, this can cause the fascia to clamp up to itself and other structures in the body, such as muscles, bone and skin” says Ashley Black.  So what could clamped fascia look like?  It could be poor posture. a different gait in your walk, one shoulder higher than the other, back pain, tilted pelvis, and the list goes on.  The point is, fascia is important and it's the connective tissue covering your muscles.  


I half heartedly started fascia blasting with the original blaster not believing anything was going to happen...there were lots of bruises and detox symptoms.  After 4 weeks, a lady at my gym asked me, “ Amy are you doing buns of steel at home? Your butt looks amazing.” This was my epiphany, the fascia blaster worked after only four weeks!  This is when I became an Ashley Back believer…I’ve drank the cool aid… took the red pill…I'm all in!


A year later feeling great about my results, I was at a crossroads in life and wanted to choose a new career. I got my gift from God on Mother’s Day…  I was asking Him about my new path...  He simply spoke that He wanted me to fascia blast other women.  It was one of those goose bumps moments that I will never forget.  So here I am doing what I have been called to do and loving life.  My goal is to help you discover yourself, heal yourself, and love the body you’re in.  So whatever your need is...I'm here for you.  Let's talk!  

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