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Over the last several years I have tried dozens of products and want to share with you the products that I have found that I use everyday in my practice because they work! 

FASCIA BLASTING tools from Ashley Black
I started my journey 4 years ago with these tools. They gave me the muscle definition I always wanted, reduced appearance of cellulite, improved my posture, and helped me to relieve stress.     
2019_January_01-Amy Miles Massage-0392-1

This Sauna is perfect for any home or massage practice.  Sunlighten uses Solocarbon infrared heat to raise the core temperature of your body, lower blood pressure, aids in weight loss and detoxification.  

OSEA products.jpg
OSEA Skin Care Products    
These products are absorbed into your skin and make it feel so soft without leaving an oily residue.  I have seen a change in my skin and a substantial reduction in wrinkles.  OSEA skin care products are vegan and made with organic seawood and oils.   
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GOLI Gummies    Please use PromoCode:  TheBodyBlaster
These gummies taste so good!  It's so important to get Apple Cider Vinegar into your digestive system and this is a great way to do it.  These support your immune system, supports a healthy heart, improves energy, supports weight management and reduces appetite.  
The Body Blaster Gear   
Are you proud to be in the fasciablasting family?  Check out some of the fun products I designed to draw awareness to fasciablasting!
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