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“Amy's work greatly improved my back pain immediately! Her techniques, support holistic wellness and health.  I am so grateful for her expertise, which has introduced me to the wonder of fascia blasting!  Along with her powerful skills, Amy's spirit is incredibly uplifting, resulting in a truly special and healing experience.”​
  - Julie Workman​

“I had my first treatment by AMY the BODY BLASTER... she's amazing!  The combination of warming the tissue with an infra-red sauna and then using her knowledge and the fascia blaster is so effective and therapeutic...  It's life changing!!! ”​
  - Jennifer Mielke,  Massage Therapist

“I made an appointment with Amy not really knowing what to expect.  I knew I was in pain (tendinitis) and wanted relief soon.  I had recently tried other treatments but nothing has compared to the fascia blasting that Amy offers!  After the first treatment my tendinitis is almost gone and the partially frozen shoulder feels worlds better.  This will allow me to continue my workouts and I am so very grateful.  Amy is professional and was right on time.  Don't wait, make an appointment today!”​
  - Chad Quinn,  Owner of Bear Kayaks

“Amy has treated me several times with fascia blasting, primarily on my legs and scalp.  I had been suffering from Achilles Tendinitis for many months, but the fascia blasting of the Achilles tendons and calves have helped them heal completely.  Also, I was surprised to discover that my small bald spot disappeared after Amy's treatments, and a few weeks of self-treatment, following her instructions.”​
  - Robert Malt​,   CrossFitter

“I had a debilitating tension headache that would not ease for several days.  I was very skeptical about fascia blasting and its ability to ease my pain.  Amy fascia blasted my neck and scalp and to my surprise the headache was completely gone by the end of the session!  I'm so thankful to have found Amy.  She has a wealth of knowledge, a magnetic caring personality and a warm spirit.  I will definitely be calling on her expertise again!”​
  - Jay Poston​,  Skeptic of Everything

"Amy is not only a ray of sunshine personally but professionally she is a ray of sunshine in my life too. 

I have struggled with puffy, edematous weight for most of my life. Whether it be from chemicals or stored emotions, the extra weight cannot hide from Amy and her magic blaster! My entire body has changed for the better. I have learned how to breathe into tight parts of my body and how to retrain muscles and joints that have plagued me for years.  You would not believe what can hide in the fascia and connective tissue! It is the forgotten, neglected drainage pathway! Pathogens, endocrine disrupters, and suppressed pain-all of this can be brought to the surface for healing with this amazing modality. I am forever grateful to Amy for her friendship, positive attitude, attention to detail on the body and her compassion in every avenue. My body has been revamped and I have had to feel it to heal it. But it is has ALL been worth it and I credit that to the body blaster! You MUST go see her! Five stars!"

  - Dr. Jessica Peatross MD

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